With sounds geared in the direction of R&B, B.Tee has developed the ability to integrate rap along with it. 

During his time as an artist, B.Tee has been able to work with other artists such as A1-Nino, Lothraxx, DreamTeam Que, JG $tackhouse, Alexis Ray Parker, Kaypee, and DREPIC.

He began writing in the 3rd grade which ended up in winning a contest where his work was published in a book.

"At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing - I even had the chance to go to McDonald’s in a limo. (lol)"  

B.Tee officially started writing once again during his senior year and joined Young Poets of America. His poetry slam debut was sophomore year of his college career. During this time, he traveled to different universities to perform. By 2015, he slowly begin to transition into music and phase out of spoken word. It wasn't until “Party at My Crib” was released that a fan base began to develop.

Since then other popular projects have been released such as NoPlans4TheWeeknd, Weeknd Withdrawls, and Trapped in Nirvana. His goal is to continue creating relatable and unforgettable pieces as an outlet for his listeners.

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